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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  March 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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r bringing families together from pillsbury. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >> wasn't really looking forward to walking in the rain today. >> any water in a house is not good. >> rain finally starts to fall. meaning winter finally starts to roar in the bay area. good
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evening. weather may at least partially to blame for a fatal accident in the east bay sadly today. highway patrol says the driver of a white van lost control on the willow pass road on ramp to interstate 6 80 in concord. van struck a light pole. went down embankment and flipped over before striking a tree at the edge of a parking lot as you can see with disaster and violent result. the driver who was killed was the only person in the vehicle. no one else was hurt. start our weather coverage when john live with the latest on the weather conditions from the north by tonight. john? >>reporter: we are in san anselmo. rain and wind. it has been off and on all evenin evening. bay area and entirety has not seen in this measure in some time. more along the creek an area that has flooded in the past during heavy rain storms. here live lack at what the creek looks like right now. it's flowing at very good clip but again just to be assured, there is no danger of any flooding tonight or any chance
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of water going over its banks here in san anselmo. the rain was very needed but it has been a miserable day. you want trouble? we have trouble. some trouble up in sonoma county in wind or. this is mark west station road near windsor truck big mud truck. driver got in trouble. he had trouble getting out of the mud and stuck spinning his wheels for some time this afternoon. mark west station road in sonoma county has been a trouble spot throughout the day. another area that flooded on mark west station road where some drivers decided to chance it any way. low lying area and when the rain starts coming, the water fills up rather quickly. there was also trouble in healdsburg, tree went into a house on south fish mountain road. roger becker was in the house reading his paper when all of a sudden the giant tree landed right on his house. >> i thought it was an earthquake to begin with. but
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it was just boom it came right back and so i knew it was the tree. and we have a pretty, probably good 40, 50 foot tree. >>reporter: it has been raining most of the day and this is just the first appetizer in a stretch of some wet weather to come to the bay area. in marin county only half of the normal rainfall they normally got up to this point of the year. as a result they have been actually pumping water out of the phoenix lake one of the reservoir something they haven't done in 20 years. this rain has helped but despite the rain they say it's not enough to stop pumping water out of the reservoir phoenix lake which they will continue doing for the next week. live in san anselmo abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. well this storm is likely to last all nature and there's another one not far hyped it. let's turn now to spencer with a weather time line for us this evening. spencer.
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>> let's start with live doppler 7 hd. rainfall still rather wide spread across the bay area but not so well concentrated as it was early in the evening and during the afternoon hours. here's a lack up north bay with pockets of moderate maybe moderate heavy rainfall near healdsburg and santa rosa and some pushing east to vacaville and fairfield and then down into parts of east bay around berkeley san ramone and pockets of moderate rape fall on to the santa cruz mountains we go where santa cruz get nice dose of rainfall. lack at the path from the peninsula down to the south bay with no rainfall at all at this moment. so it's gemly tapering off just a bit. generally. across the bay area. but our 24 hour rainfall total are quite impressive. we have had more than 2 inches of rain at clover dale and santa rosa. 2 and 3 quarters at saint helena, 3 and 3 quarter inches at kent field and 4 inches at petaluma point. look at san jose trace of rain and livermore east bay
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15, /100ths so we have a wide rang of rainfall total the last twer hours. another storm on the way. i'll show you close-up on live doppler 7 hd and tame line when you can expect the next storm to arriv arrive. >> thank you. as you know it has been messy on the roadway. also at san francisco international airport delay up to 3 hours for a time today and worst of the rain. so don't forget our flight tracker feature on our web site. up to the minute information on flight delay if going to the airport to either leave or pick somebody up. also find interactive weather map with street level radar using live doppler 7 hd and send your weather video to us at u report and love to get pictures and video on the air to hymn help us tell the story. >> poll ticket rick santorum delivers another jolt to mitt romney xaichbility he gets a southern sweep by winning tonight in mississippi and alabama. karen has the latest now on the republican race for
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president. >>reporter: rym swept the south. winning alabama and mississippi primary. >> you do your job. you do your job next week. we will nominate a conservative and if we nominate a conservative, we will defeat barack obama set this country back on the right track. thank you god bless. >>reporter: it boils down to a ballots for conservatives. evangelical made up 80 percent of today voter in alabama and mississippi. record turn out this primary season. tonight contest significantly shake up the race. but the stake were still high. santorum solidify the position as the true conservative in this race. romney aimed to show he can appeal to the base in the deep south. >> i have been employed in the private sector like you have. i want to use that experience to get america working again and solve the challenge of the great nation. >>reporter: south not a natural fit for romney. mormon yankee to defend his position
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on l and talk the talk. >> good morning y'all. >> i like grit and. >>reporter: of the 4 republican candidate only romney has mostly clear path to the nomination in the magic number of 11 44 delegates. rest of the field the best they can hope to dies throw up a road block. >> expectation it's an open convention. >> if we good to convention we would be we would signal our doom in terms of replacing president obama. >>reporter: but santorum says long nomination ballots is actually good for republicans. it denies president obama more time to attack his opponent. instead they will just beat each other up. this is abc news, washington. richmond police say the shot spotter system led them to 8-year-old boy whether was wounded in an apparent road rage incident last nature. it happened on the 3000 block of birmingham read. 8-year-old was riding in the family car when they accidentally cut
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somebody off at the interstate 80. gunman followed them in a neighborhood and opened fire. we heard how many shots there were. but we have the phone call. >>reporter: the boy father drove him to the hospital where he is recovering from his injuries. police do not have anyone in custody. if you ride muni chances are you have done it wins or twice listen to music or playing with smart phone but muni is hoping you think twice about doing that any more. jonathan explains why. >> ride any bus in san francisco and you see people listening to music. texting and talking on the smart phone. it's a modern past time for the digital generation. but also an all you can eat buffet for a thief he says he learned to be vigilant on the bus. >> i sit and watch people movement actions they come close the try and steal something i put it up. >>reporter: but many raiders are distracked by the phone and on this bus crawling its way up
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mission street it seems everybody knows somebody who has been robbed of their electronic on the bus. >> one of my lead friends got her phone stolen. another had his head phone stolen. >>reporter: in this tape a thief grabs a backpack full of camera gear and slips out the back door of the bus. police say this is how most of the robbery happen. >> coming to bus stop. near the rear door. just snatch the device and away they go. >>reporter: that's why muni launch a bold campaign of billboard showing the peril of distracked drivers. >> thinks how it goes. this woman is not paying attention. somebody else is. >>reporter: this is just the start of man i latest public awareness campaign, raiders on the 14 mission bus were already well aware of the problem. some even taking steps to protect themselves. >> crust don't take it the out. try to be very discreate about it. >> leave it in my pocket. >>reporter: don't play with your phone on the bus at all. >> no. >>reporter: why in the. >> because it's a high tech phone. >>reporter: high tech phones now stolen in a staggering 3
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quarters of robbery in the city. both on and off the bus. the valuable and easy to sell which makes them as good as cash to a crook. >> when looking down and not paying attention it's like 300 dollars out of the atm and walking down the street counting it and not paying attention. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news. okay. busy tuesday night coming up. neighborhood eye sore gets much-needed clean up both inside and out. the owner comes by to make last minute property claim. rain here as we have talked about but unusually warm weather across the country is bringing springtime to the economy. >> how you can put your home dvd on the smart phone or tablet. >> how pay pal replacing your wallet with one that is digita
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bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together. >> tonight state assemblyman drew up a bill to help eliminate violence at fans at sporting event by banning the people who cause it. it covers robbery assault with deadly weapon and inflicting great bodily harm inside or outside a stadium putting violent fans on so-called ban list. >> it becomes a misdemeanor to attend a game after you are put on one of these ban list plus also 10,000 dollar fine. so we are doing if you think about it
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most of the perpetrator of the crime are people who love sports and we take away what they love the most. if they are a total nuisance at the game. >> although he had brian stowe in the violence of the forty-niner raiders game in mind he says his primary aim is to make family feel mo safe again and going out to ball games. san jose today. workers began dismantling a mountain of junk in the yard of a hoarder home. story that drew national attention after we first reported it 3 weeks ago. in aneurysm team you fix it report. the final chapter to story 40 years in the making. the i team has the story from san jose. el. >> by truck. tractor and hand. private contractor and the county of santa clara does it together. bit by bit and load by load more than a dozen men began to hall away a mess that has been growing since the 70' 70's. rudy was the most vocal neighbor on the street. >> now you can see the house. >>reporter: this is what the
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house lack like when the first story aired 3 weeks ago. we reported how 58-year-old richard baker manic collecting push the neighbor to the edge. that prompted the county board of supervisors to take action. yesterday a county hearing officer declared the house an official public nuisance and this morning the cleanup. >> i have not seen a job on this scale, no. not for a single residence. >>reporter: he showed up this morning. grabbed a few things but looked rae signed to the inevitable. he didn't want to talk to us and he didn't stay long. sheriff's investigators london one of many county officials here to make sure baker belongings were treated respectfully. process that he says could take up to 5 days for the yard alone. >> anything determined to have some value to the estate we are pulling off to the side and inventory that and catalog it. warehouse it. >>reporter: public guard an now in charge of all the catalog stuff. eventually go into the house to begin the process of unraveling what is left of the messy estate.
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baker deceased parents are still listed as the legal owne owners of the home. and county recently located baker sister in santa cruz. who gets what will be decided through probate court. on the street today just a spectacle. >> can you imagine? the stuff has been coming out of there? >>reporter: and after all these years, relief. >> the service here especially from channel 7, they have been doing a lot of coverage here and i appreciate it. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. glad we could help. let's talk about where we began which is this weather system moving through several over the next few days. spencer back with the forecast. >> first in a lane of storms coming in our direction. i'm happy winter has not ended without delivering winter lake weather. here's a live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville where only light rain if any is falling at the moment. but the pavement looks still a little wet traffic seems to be moving along nicely and you see clouds over the bay so that indicates that the rainfall is wide
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spread but not well concentrated across the entire bay area. you can see that clearly here on our live doppler 7 hd image. north bay whether earlier in the evening and afternoon hours we had our heaviest and most widely concentrated rain. tapering off a bit now but there are some pockets of moderate rainfall in the north bay as well as down on to parts of the peninsula into santa cruz mountains. here's clearly a dry path that the san jose area south bay where no rain is falling at the moment. and in fact san jose has had almost no measurable rain at all. winds calming down a bit as well but gusty wind at novato, sfo and a half man bay. on we good to the highlights. rain continues over tonight into tomorrow morning. although it does look like it's not very heavy over nature not throughout the night. we see a break wednesday night into thursday. then another storm comes thursday nature that friday and right on in to the weekend. satellite radar composite image shows the frontal system bringing current dose of rainfall and moving very slowly
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last 24 hours and continuing to do so. another storm behind it and pattern second storm mainly to the north but the third one that is well tout sea at the moment is our storm for the ep of the week moving into the weekend. t we will still have pretty wide spread rainfall at 11:00 p.m. and continuing to move slowly through the bay area overnight and by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning start of the morning rush houwe should still have lots of wet weather around and wet spots so drive carefully if driving. front mavs through in the early part of the day followed by showers into the late afternoon tomorrow. then tomorrow night into turs we get mainly a dry spell although there could be some scattered showers during that time. so thursday looks essentially dry at the moment. by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we expect ran fall toll on top of what we already have of 3 quarters inch to inch and a half in the north bay. half inch to inch in the peninsula and east bay. only tenth inch to quarter in the south bay. perhaps up to another inch and a half in the santa cruz mountains. speaking of mountains over in the sierra
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winter storm warning remains in effect until 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. we expect 4 to 8 inches of new snow before 5000 feat. 2 to 3 feet of snow above 7000' of course driving conditions could be hazardous. back to the bay area tonight. wet. and we'll have low temperature on the mild side mainly in the low 50's although a little cooler in the north bay where low drop in the upper 40's and tomorrow relatively cal day with high in the north bay mainly in the upper 50's. we see few low 60's in parts of the east bay and south bay and down near monterey bay we also see high right around 60 degrees. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. brick on thursday. another storm comes in on friday. continues producing stormy weather in saturday which is st. patrick's day. showers into sunday then all ends on monday. spring at 10:14 pacific daylight time on monday. >> thanks spencer very much. >> well it is even worse than previously thought. coming up. problem with drinking water in salinas valley. >> and after 8 years of
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controversy uc berkeley chancellor stepping down. now one state senator is using his departure to change the law. stay with us. news at 9:00
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with a one year term. at&t. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> this jet was badly damaged when it rolled off a taxi way in atlanta this morning and the tilted jet on embankment with the wing high in the air like that. delta mechanic were testing the engine on the boeing 737 when the breaking system failed for some reason with this result. no one was injured but the plane banged up a bit. >> what a day on wall street. there are some numbers tonight that we have not seen in years. huge rally today fueled by news that 2 major bank had passed a federal reserve stress
9:24 pm
test of their asset. dow soared 218 points to finish at 13177. highest finish since december of 2007. nasdaq jumped 56 points finishing at 3 frichlt first close above 3000 since november of 2 thouchltz as the stock market shows it's not just the weather that is heating up. also the economy. w
9:25 pm
long to spot the bag from the home stores. >> spring shopping. >> yes. >> only the beginning of march. >> i know. but the sun is here so we are shopping. >>reporter: the shopper out early too. >> organizing. very organizin organizing. this is another bit of organizing. >> you have the sun glasses on in march. >> of course. >>reporter: but far bigger than one shopping about. look at construction. georgia,000 new jobs in just the last two months after seeing just 32,000 new jobs in construction for all of last year tough economy where is the spending money coming from. part is the money saved to heat. we asked professor to do the math. >> typical year the average family pays a little under 900 dollars for the heat. but this year it looks like they only
9:26 pm
have to pay around 650. so really a tax cut of about 250 dollars. >>reporter: in new england where winter is more extreme the savings more extreme too. and this gardening today putting up patio furniture. >> because this year has been so mild i realized the savings of 6 or 700 dollars on my oil bill. >> spring is in the air. so is the sound of cash register. david reporting. when we continues tonight. bridging the digital divide. >> what is going on this week is really a family matter do you understand? >> all those dvd collecting dust on the tv stand can play on the i-pad if you are willing to pay a fee. >> he hadn't tried to contact you has he? >> and emerging from privacy. she survived 18 years of captivity. how her life has changed since she first spoke. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment
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>> good evening once again thanks for joining us. now to j.c. dugard kidnapped as child 18 years in captivity in the east bay. just made her first trip to new york city to receive an inspiration award. she spoke today to abc diane sawyer to talk about how her life has changed. >> you may remember she was 11 years old waiting for the school bus when convicted sex offender philip and his wife nancy kidnapped her and imprisoned her in deranged back yard. she was pregnant at 13. gave birth to 2 daughters. her incredible story of survival told in the book of stolen life. she is 31. and still reclaiming her real life. do you ever forget for a whole day
9:31 pm
what happened to you. >> oh, sure. it's not with me every day. the of that is ove over. you know. nancy and philip are behind bars. >>reporter: he hasn't trade to cop tact you has he. >> no not at all. which is fine with me. >>reporter: you felt more anger. >> i am angry. you know. on the other hand i have 2 beautiful daughters and i can 97 be sorry about that. >>reporter: daughter fathered by him. she managed to protect the privacy even after the book. do the girls want to talk to you and ask you questions. >> we were in that situation together and they know what happened and it's time to move on and start start fresh. >>reporter: you said when we talked about that -- before maybe you will find someone for you. someone you love. who does love you. >> i take it day by day.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: nobody you see so far go by and you thought. >> no. i can't go there yet. too soon. >>reporter: after 18 years of mind control and terror, still so much that has to be relearned. >> how to speak up. how to say what i want instead of finding out what everybody else wants. do i really want this? so that is something i have learned. >>reporter: are you surprised that it takes this long? >> no. i mean, it was a lot of years. a lot of years. >>reporter: today she spaend lot of her time on her foundation. the foundation that helps family reunite after trauma. this is not just families of children who were taken, this is families. >> military families that have been torn apart t.i mean tragic events like if displaced or
9:33 pm
something like that. the jais foundation will help. >>reporter: all part of her gratitude for every single day. >> life is too short to think about all the things you don't have. even if it is just one thing or a person you have to be thankful for. that is enough. >>reporter: before she left we checked once again. quick list a little girl held captive once made. she dreamed what life could be. the see mom. >> first on the list. >>reporter: pir michltd learn to drive. >> check. >>reporter: hot air pwloochbility swim with the dolphins. >> not yet. >>reporter: learn to sail. >> that would be fun. >>reporter: horseback ride. >> check. >>reporter: write a best seller. >> check. >>reporter: well done. >> yes. >>reporter: anything you want to add to your list. >> who knows. i live here in the present. so the future is what you make of it.
9:34 pm
>>reporter: jv dugard remarkable. diane sawyer reporting. >> any at any rate contamination of drinking water near the california farms where much of our food is grown is getting worth tonight. presence of nitrate in raw drinking water in the salinas and san joaquin valley the report concluded more than 1 million people cringe water with any at any rate levels above the health stand arrested. >> this is a number that has increased steadily over the last 50 to 60 years. we have known about the problem and reported to the legislature 25 years ago and since then we have had an increase of 50% in the amount of any at any rate estimated leaving in ground water e-chemical fertilizer and livestock manure are the main source of the any at any rate contamination. high level of any at any rate linked to cancer and reproduction disorders. fixing the problem though will be very expensive. estimated at 35 million dollars per year. state senator yee wants to make sure the next uc berkeley chancellor isn't given a salary
9:35 pm
increase as incentive to take the job. current chancellor robert announce cad that he will leave office at the end of the year. last year pwernl ron earned 4 16,000 dollars. senator yee has introduced a bill that would cap raises for newly hired administrators. he says the state can't afford to did otherwise. >> we have major economic problems. people homes being foreclosed. jobs are being lost. there are very, very best of individuals serving the uc system that advertise more than happy to be a chancellor and they don't have to make that much money because they care about our students. >>reporter: key achievement under his watch include high academic ranking. record student application and fundraising. he presided over the highly political campus during tuition increase. with budget cut and he intend to remain at cal to teach and to conduct research. well on to the subject of
9:36 pm
connect knoll ji for few moments. you will be able to watch your home dvd on tablet computer and smart phones. wal-mart is joining forces with hollywood. >> business is in the billions already. so we hope that this enhances it. >>reporter: the it he's talking about is dvd sales. studio are hoping the cloud will boost those sales. cloud is the term used to describe on line data storage site where people store all the digital goodies like music and pictures and movies. making them all very accessible. >> they will be able to digita the library and get to it any time and anywhere and it's really something consumer have been clamoring for. >>reporter: that's why the heads of 5 hollywood studio are teaming up with retailing giant wal-mart to tap into the cloud. aas this video demonstrates starting april 16 buy a dvd at wal-mart store or bring in one that you already own and wal-mart will give you access
9:37 pm
to that movie on the retailer voodoo cloud service allowing to you watch it at home or on mobile device. of course it's going to cost you. >> 2 dollars to convert standard dvd to standard dvd or blue ray dvd to blue ray then 5 dollars to convert from standard to high definition. >>reporter: in getting that the cloud business wal-mart is alining itself with cloud company all tra violent. 2 storage services are very similar but deal with different stawd y.for instance you could purchase disney mavies from apple but good look getting the movie into wal-mart area fichlt somebody brought a disney disk into one of our stores they wouldn't be able to up load it. >>reporter: extensive testing show consumer are very open to the 2 dollar and 5 dollar praise point. people we spoke with had mixed feeling about the value of cloud service. >> for me it would not be anything that i would be interested in. >> only 2 dollars so it makes it very convenient for you to
9:38 pm
watch video. >>reporter: rob hays report tling. >> on the subject of all things digital san jose base pay pal calls a digital wallet. company says consumer will be able to use the pay pal account when shopping in brick and mortar store with mobile phone or shopping on line at home with tablet or computer. one feature let shoppers use different sources of funding. frequent flier miles and gift card to pay for purchase. new feature will start rolling out we understand in late may. as we continue tonight. death of a rock and roll legen legend. we have that story. plus what is being called the new "star wars"up next. tirade insult what might be the caty feud
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okay, people, let's get started.
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>> the sounds of the doobie brother. today the long time drummer has died. michael drummed from 1971 to 1973 and then again from 1987 to the present. in addition to jesus is just all right with me which were you listening to, he also played on early hits like listen to at the time music. classic. black water. he died in his home in wyoming after long battle with cancer. he grew up in new jersey and served in the navy during the vet am in war. he was 65 years old. he's survived by a son and a daughter. entertainers among the many people with uncollected cash in california. in fact the state is holding 6 billion dollars in
9:43 pm
unclaimed money. maybe some of yours. giants pitcher aceh tim has about 8 dollars come to him from the state of oregon. he can could probably do without. that actress lindsey has more than 1500 dollars in uncollected wages. reality staff kim has 54 buck in old bank of america account. to see if you have any unclaimed money state is holding good to our web site and click on see it on tv. you might be please aptly surprised. >> talking about kim, the reality tv star is in a feud with john ham star of mad men. the tussle has deep cultural and social implication. but it also boils did you know to who you call stupid. here's lindsay davis. >> john ham plays a dapper mad man from an era when a man could give a woman a piece of his mind. . and his women, we, they just know their place. but kim
9:44 pm
kardashian is every bit the moderate everyone woman and certainly not afraid to talk back. >> you don't treaty people like that. i don't care how uncomfortable you are. >>reporter: she launch add war of words with kim in upcoming article in the british elle magazine where he expresses his disgust with reality show. whether paris or kim he says, being an idiot is of valuable commodity in the culture because you are rewarded significantly. kim fared back tweeting calling somebody who runs their own business as part of successful tv show, produces wrist stupid is in my opinion careless. >> i won't let a woman talk to me like this. >>reporter: not the first tame kim is the target of a.list scorn. back in november daniel craig told gq the kardashian said all i have to do is behave like an idiot on television and pay me million. >> why is she on the radar. she's a bit too much of an easy target forever them. >>reporter: kim usually
9:45 pm
protective brother rob says he couldn't know who john ham is but told tmz he's taking its all in stride. >> we do what we did and people will hate in matter what. >>reporter: between james bond and done draper up to kim to take the high road tweeting we are all working hard. we all have to respect one another. lindsay, abc news, new york. you heard it. kim taking the high road. >> odds are you have seen the classic video of a water skiing squirrel. right. you have seen. that we may have one a little bit better. stay with us. you will see it in a little bit better. stay with us. you will see it in a moment [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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b÷÷÷ñ@"xfp for $25 a month with free hd for six mont÷÷ >> we finally have weather and let's up take it the forecast. >> here's a look at live doppler 7 hd and rain fairly wide spread around the bay are
9:49 pm
area. not so concentrated as this afternoon and early evening. north bay pockets of moderate rainfall but tapering off down to the santa cruz mountains. pockets of moderate rainfall as well. but look at large part of the south bay there. completely dry rainfall total last 24 hours reflect that pattern. drenching in several location in the north bay and over 4 and quarter inches at the mount but only trace at san jose. some location have yet to receive a drenching. tomorrow we have showers. high pressure mainly in the upper 50's to low 60's. that's the kind of heavy rain that we saw in some spots today. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. fairly dry day on thursday but another storm comes in on friday and continues through saturday and into sunday and it will end before monday which marks arrival of spring. monday night at 10:14. >> very good. thanks spencer very much. >> well call it a stunt but the pictures are so fun. lack at the snow bearding opossum. he's on top of a special made
9:50 pm
snowboard at the liberty mountain resort in pennsylvania. staff there up loaded video on to you tube. definite hit. check him out. even point of view camera. he steer was his tail. look closely even a ski lift pass complete with his own photo. so he's legit up there on the slopes. not bad looks like he's smiling a little bit. you are right. >> far more im please i have on the darns i couldn't say on the board that long. he has it going. >> the warriors. they trade the face of the franchise for a big man whether is injured. ellis deal. short and long-term impact of trading away
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get it and you're in. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 more snow falling in the sierra. we update the conditions there for you. and santa clara poised to seal the deal for new stadium. the new billinger price tag and who will pay for it. those stories and more coming up in an hour
9:54 pm
on channel 7. interesting decision by the warriors. >> fans are upset all over the place. facebook twitter and any other social media. they love the excitement he brought to the game but he was thinking long-term and rolling the dice. ellis era over for the warriors with trade deadline thursday the warriors are sending monty to milwaukee in deal that really looks like a gift for the buck. monty and warriors best player face of the franchise averaging 22 points game along with 6 assis assist. guess to milwaukee along with promising forward and injured brown. in return the car yours will get center andrew but he's out with fractured ankle. probably weren't play at all this soap. former warrior jackson who is in the dog house in milwaukee. stop me if you heard that one before. looks like grand theft by the buck whether coincidentally play the warriors in oakland on friday.
9:55 pm
so tonight under man squad in sacramento up against the worl world. mentality. robinson bombing away. l feeling it. another deep 3. good friends with mavericks terri. to cousins. look at this he's a bad manment big man. the with the him headed for milwaukee we have a sighting welcome back. fourth quarter warriors on a run. blow it open. rush the 3. jenkins to the rack. play thompson starting for monty 2 handed slam. whether needs monty. well never mind. total team effort warriors win by 26. 115-89. celtics come to oak town tomorrow night. imagine how bad the kings feel after lasting tonight. cal basketball team in ohio getting ready for tomorrow night play with south florida. winner vnlss to the field of 64 then a
9:56 pm
game with temple. the bear played poorly down the stretch. struggle on offense and facing the bull doesn't figure in to help. louisville playing south florida is like getting a root canal. >> that's a big time compliment from great coach and that's what we want to do disrupt you. we want to smell your breath. we want to get underneath your skin. make life miserable for you. >>reporter: smell my breath. president obama and british prime minister david cameron court side for tournament first play in western kentucky and mississippi valley. check out kevin. a shot then looking back at the president. like it check me out. 8 minutes to go. this is l mississippi valley state. rice with a lead and then the hilltoper close on the 22-5 run to face kentucky the on thursday, top seed. come back to win 59-56. night cap against by uchl. baseline jam
9:57 pm
and sees a furious byu rally. 2 and a half manipulate left. byu moving on. face marquette on thursday. more hoop. stanford and cleveland stayed in the mit. zimmerman with a jumper. a run. l bright cross-over penetration to jack left alone. right now stanford ladies 67-and million tournaments in washington stop state and plenty of seats good available. cougar rock modem throwing down 6 minutes to goo good. the anglo. nice move by big man in the lean cults the lead to this. look out. that's abe finishing. 89-75 tv the season is over. thornton puts it best, play offs started with the shocks they need to keep winning just to make the play offs. in cal gair treated to
9:58 pm
quite a night. minute in on the rebound in front here. 29th of the year 1 nothing shark. up l and power play and deadlocked at dues. on over time. face off and dan boyle l t.blocked by matt a race up the ice and he gets it back. good night game over drive home safely. bay area hall of fame 4 more induct tee. florez first hispanic coach of the nfl guided raiders to 2 titles. the jean washington pro bowl pick as well tonight. cal to nba star mayor of sacramento and golfer archer won 12 tour events. here's florez on the evening events. >> yes. i never thought about it in those terms until later in life. first quarterback.
9:59 pm
hispanic and then the first head coach and then the women superbowl and you think about it later in life you realize yes, i was pretty good. honor of playing the 49ers then cap it off to be inducted into the sports hall of fame. unbelievable. >> a's and brewers. ramirez first homer athletic. a's win 8-6. giants and cubsth. 4 innings allow 3 runs. if not for angel this is what he brings to the table in and out center field. driving grab also had 2 hits and rbi but giants fall 5-4. >> great basketball. >> a lot of highlights. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time hope to see


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